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Dec 10, 2012 1:00pm PST
, and connecticut independent senator, lieberman, and former debt co-chair and i could go on but i told you i take it upon myself to fix this mess as if i'm not busy enough thank you but i am looking after you and this country and if they cannot put together something, yours truly can and if i have to show up in spandex, i will. >> six weeks after losing their home they are being kicked out of their temporary one. it goes down this week. you wonder whether all of the high five's with the politicians commending fema had a clue. >> a big shout out to fema. they are a great partner. >> the president could not have appointed a better person. >> the administration, fema you have established when the call goes out the country is there to help their people. the "share t. get a great deal on a new subaru and 250 dollars goes to your choice of five charities. by the end of this, our fifth year, our total can reach almost 25 million dollars. it's a nice reflection on us all. now through january 2nd. get 0% apr financing for 36 months on a 2013 subaru forester and we'll donate 250 dollars to your choice of 5
Dec 10, 2012 5:00pm EST
, connecticut, where she attended school and she thrived there becoming a member of the national honor society. she's on the executive board of the student council. she's president of the interact club. she was born in colombia, but her roots are in america. and she has dreams and goals for the future, like any young woman her age. and she is proud of her connection, her roots in this country. she wants to go to college. but for so long has feared that she would not be able to go. and very briefly, she is eligible to apply for the deferred action program announced by the administration, but that program would simply give her a reprieve without the security and certainty that she needs to advance and continue her schooling. that is the path to citizenship that our dreamers need and deserve. so that they can go to school, serve in our military, give back to this country, earn their citizenship through deeds. not just words, but deeds that make us all proud and contribute to the quality of life in our nation. that's what they want to do, is to earn citizenship that so many of us take for granted
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
entree to europe, and the hedge funds capital of america, greenwich, connecticut. it was here that bernie madoff made some of his biggest deals with large investment firms that were willing to feed him billions of dollars of their clients' money to manage. and in return, bernie madoff agreed to pay these so-called feeder funds a fortune in annual fees. the largest of the feeder funds was the fairfield greenwich group. how much money did fairfield make off bernie madoff every year? >> hundreds of millions of dollars. >> kroft: if you're a feeder fund, what are you supposed to do for those hundreds of millions of dollars? >> you're supposed to identify the world's best hedge fund managers and invest only in them, and you're supposed to make sure they're not running ponzi schemes. >> the real steroids here were the feeder funds. that's what made it an international ponzi scheme. >> kroft: attorney david boies is one of the most prominent lawyers in the country and is representing fairfield greenwich investors, who lost nearly $7 billon when madoff went under. they're suing the firm for gross
Dec 9, 2012 10:45pm EST
versus connecticut supreme court involving contraception. i guarantee you -- because i was there every republican candidate in the date has gone what? we learned a few weeks later that he had apparently been briefed and this was the beginning of the war on when to leave to women in which we discovered the law students that were not able to afford their own contraception have to have as a part of the new socialist model free contraception otherwise they will be deprived which was a symbol that we saw one article yesterday that "time" magazine maintain her as the person of the year conwell of course because after all she symbolized more than anyone else the total dishonesty with which the won the election. she's the perfect symbol of our incompetence. they clearly had a strategy, and george stephanopoulos launched a strategy. why would you want to set the date and invite the of 13? we will make a deal. sean hannity, rush limbaugh and comparable people to host the the dates. [applause] and yet we continue to pretend that the news media is neutral. the news media to send to the left. so yo
Dec 10, 2012 6:30am EST
by these two guys, an irishman and a connecticut yankee. it's the history of the the city that's in the subtitle; fearless ethnics, political wizards, underrated scoundrels. we still have a lot of those. and, but it's a different town now. it's, i mean, it's no long orer just albany. albany, it's about five or six towns all put together. it's troy, it's schenectady, it's colony, it's saratoga. saratoga's only half an hour away. and these are great places to live and to see, and there's a lot to see in this town. town is coming back. it's also a great, a beautiful town. it's a really beautiful town. and a lot of people know it now. it doesn't have that reputation anymore that stanford white thought it had. >>
Dec 10, 2012 7:00am EST
somewhat delayed. there have been cost overruns. host: mike, connecticut, go ahead. caller: i work for small business. all that we do is defense manufacturing. i agree that the costs get out of control. procurement is an issue. for instance, we get solicited to sell one bolt for repair kits. i offer them a minimum buy of $300. the buyer only needs one, but i offer him 10. he will still buy one because that is just the weather system is set up. host: do you know why that is? caller: my guess is that it costs money to inventory what they did not need. that is the one variable i can think of saying that maybe they cannot inventory that. there is only so much warehousing space. guest: -- host: because of that, does your company always think they have to have a minimum buy? caller: we did not, there was military packaging with identification. it goes on and on. we have to cover ourselves in case the contract required us to ship to another country. there's a lot of things involved. host: mike, to you think your company makes money? caller: i would say it is a 50/50. yes, we keep the bala
Dec 10, 2012 3:00am PST
, connecticut, new hampshire. i think hawaii is on that list too. one, two, three, four, five. and the district of columbia plus the state of this year just added, maryland and washington plus, remember the president of the united states himself, who used to be on the fence on this issue has now come out and said he full ly sports same-sex marriage. the obama administration has refused to defend the defense of marriage act. john boehner and eric cantor are still doing it, but the administration is not. the department of justice is not. they said they don't believe in the defense of marriage act any more and they wereare not going to defend it and they hope congress over turns it. george will said here is one of the reasons why politically it has changed. >> they can say it's now safe to look at this because there is something like an emerging consensus. quite literally, the opposition to day garianingmarriage is dying. it's old people. >> it's old people. they are dying off. >> that's an accurate way to put it. >> bill: you talk to young people t
Dec 10, 2012 12:35am EST
are lobbyists and work at these nonprofits. it is an economic generator in this town. host: jim from connecticut, republican line. caller: i have two questions. first, if there is no agreement by the december 31st deadline, can the congress act in such a way that any change in the law would be retroactive to january 1, 2013? do you believe the congress will consider solving for the individual taxpayer instead of the lobbyists? how do we get that turned around? guest: my answer to the upper question now, whether or not they can retroactively take on some of these issues so they do not pass it they can go on in postdate, that is something that have done quite often in terms of tax extensions in different bills where they will pass in february but it will be effective until january. host: industries benefiting most from this issue in terms of lobbying against sequestration in this issue of the fiscal cliff. education, health care, civil service and public officials. our last call joining us from buffalo, new york, good morning. caller: are you there? host: please, go ahead. caller: i am 21 years ol
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)